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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jan-2014Effect of barium titanate particle size on electrical properties of 0-3 barium titanate-portland cement compositesR. Rianyoi; R. Potong; R. Yimnirun; A. Chaipanich
7-Oct-2009Effect of particle size on the dielectric properties of sodium potassium niobate -Portland cement compositesR. Potong; R. Rianyoi; P. Jarupoom; K. Pengpat; A. Chaipanich
13-Aug-2009Effect of PZT particle size on the electromechanical coupling coefficient of 0-3 PZT-cement compositesA. Chaipanich; N. Jaitanong
1-Dec-2009Effect of uniaxial stress on dielectric properties of 0-3 PZT-Portland cement compositeN. Jaitanong; R. Yimnirun; A. Chaipanich
1-Dec-2009Effects of PZT content and particle size on ferroelectric hysteresis behavior of 0-3 lead zirconate titanate - Portland cement compositesN. Jaitanong; R. Rianyoi; R. Potong; R. Yimnirun; A. Chaipanich
12-Feb-2018Ferroelectric and dielectric properties of cement pozzolan –PSrZT ceramic composites with PVDF polymer as a third phaseN. Jaitanong; S. Narksitipan; A. Chaipanich
1-Oct-2009Ferroelectric hysteresis behavior in 0-3 pzt-cement composites: Effects of frequency and electric fieldA. Chaipanich; N. Jaitanong; R. Yimnirun
1-Jan-2013Investigations on morphology and domain configurations in 0-3 lead magnesium niobate titanate-portland cement composites by SEM and PFMN. Jaitanong; H. R. Zeng; G. R. Li; Q. R. Yin; R. Yimnirun; A. Chaipanich
1-Dec-2013Piezoelectric properties and domain configurations of PZT ceramic with NiO additionN. Jaitanong; W. C. Vittayakorn; H. R. Zeng; Q. R. Yin; R. Yimnirun; A. Chaipanich
1-Sep-2014Piezoelectric properties of cement based/PVDF/PZT compositesN. Jaitanong; R. Yimnirun; H. R. Zeng; G. R. Li; Q. R. Yin; A. Chaipanich
5-Dec-2014The properties and durability of autoclaved aerated concrete masonry blocksA. Chaipanich; P. Chindaprasirt
1-Feb-2009Properties of Sr- and Sb-doped PZT-Portland cement compositesA. Chaipanich; G. Rujijanagul; T. Tunkasiri
8-Oct-2015Stress-Dependent Scaling Behavior of Ferroelectric Hysteresis Loop in 0-3 PZT-Cement CompositesN. Jaitanong; N. Wongdamnern; R. Yimnirun; A. Chaipanich